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The Cosmopolitan Babes (ongoing project)

La nuit des dames (2020)

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The Cosmopolitan Babes (Océane Buxton and Summer Emerald) are two retired influencers and former human women. They are said to be the first entities to have succeeded in immortalizing their consciousness in order to establish themselves permanently into the virtual world. In their film La Nuit Des Dames, they are taking you on a journey around the world while adapting themselves to the conditions that they are faced with.

Photos by Sera Davis


Elevate the well-being of your digital consciousness (2021)

Explore the possibilities of your digital self with the Cosmopolitan Babes! This glamorous workshop / performance offers a productive response to the current context, giving participants some tips for developing their online persona. The Cosmopolitan Babes now offer their services to support you in optimizing your personal growth. Considering digital identity as the main vector of existence, they hosted a workshop while introducing several methods developed to reach a level of evolution that surpasses humans. And all for free. Who is feeling lucky ?


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